Smashing records for Movember

Smashing records for Movember

As a club we have been raising funds for Movember since 2019 and are hoping to surpass the £100,000 mark this year. Every year we have been blown away by the support and generosity from the local community and we are currently just £6,500 away from this target.

The Movember initiative cause areas are Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer and Mental Health & Suicide Prevention. As a club, we are all so passionate about these causes as many of us have first hand experience of dealing with these issues. Whether that is someone personally being impacted or seeing friends, family & loved ones going through these issues, it really highlights the importance of the work that the Movember charity do.

Over the years we have fundraised by undertaking various physical challenges as well as selling raffle tickets & Movember themed club stash. Last year we embarked on a 60km walk from our clubhouse to Richmond to watch the inaugural MoBros RFC invitational charity match which involved a number of our players. Some of the team involved enjoyed it so much that they decided to do the reverse journey from Twickenham Stadium back to the club this year. We have also had members of the club involved in a 24hr ‘sportathon’ which involved a wide range of activities stretching from table tennis to 2 members of the senior section each rowing a marathon. The highlight was a touch session on Friday night which saw members from almost every age group and section of the club involved.


Outside of Farnham, a few men from the Senior squad have been representing the MoBros Rugby Squad fronted by Fraser McDonald-Lister, a prominent Movember fundraiser and member of rival team Battersea Ironsides. 1st XV winger Alex Chalker will be representing Farnham in the MoBros team playing at the upcoming Dubai Sevens tournament, alongside Fraser and the rest of the MoBros squad hoping to win some silverware.
We have run a Changing Room Chats initiative with Dr Rob Mitchell spending time talking to anyone who may be in need of mental health support and guidance. We really feel we have built an environment where those who are struggling in silence feel like they can open up to teammates and start some really important conversations.

The Movember initiative at Farnham is fronted by a core team of leads from each section of the club and it has been fantastic to see the entire club buy-in to our efforts. We are ranked #1 in the UK sport challenge and also ranked 21st out of all teams globally at the time of writing! We would be thrilled if we can hit our £100,000 goal and would be hugely appreciative of any donations which can help get us over the line.

You can either donate directly to our team page or buy tickets for our Movember raffle via the below links:
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